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Aurių miestelis, covering an area of approximately 21 hectares, is located in Vilnius district, near Bendoriai. According to the developers, currently, they are the only ones in the Lithuanian market to offer the possibility for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts to invest their bitcoin vertės laiko juosta asset accumulated over almost 10 years in real estate.

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Land prices in Aurių miestelis start at EUR 29, for ares. Experience in other countries has shown that nekilnojamasis bitcoin investment estate deals in cryptocurrency are closed as successfully as deals in any other currency.

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We have already received several enquiries regarding this option. The third party, through which the payment will take place, assumes the risk of currency value fluctuation nekilnojamasis bitcoin investment the transaction. We are simply offering our clients alternative payment method, the rest is pretty simple.

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Rusteikaitė, a representative of the developer of the project, TC Investicija. According to the developers, they are very interested to find out what are the challenges and advantages of carrying out real estate transactions in cryptocurrencies.

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It might be considered as a marketing tool designed to catch attention. According to the developers, they purchased an area of 21 hectares back inhowever, due to economic crisis development of the project had to be postponed.

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It was renewed two years ago. Some EUR 1.

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In addition to the public utilities, a well-designed leisure infrastructure is being developed: a 0. Modern greenhouses will be built allowing the residents to grow their own vegetables. The development plans also include a community centre with children day-care centre and commercial buildings for businesses such as cafes and shops.

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Still exotic, but transactions are already carried out As of the end of last year, the digital currency was listed as a way to pay for some 75 properties for sale, especially in south Florida and California, according to the USA real estate firm Redfin.

The first real estate transactions with bitcoins were closed in London in December last year.

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It is stated that the buyer became a bitcoin owner through mining. One of them is a twenty-year-old software developer, who purchased a house as an investment. It is a bit of history in the making.

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Selling homes for Bitcoin will become common in the next five years.